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Media Relations Guide
Posted On: Mar 08, 2011

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IAFF Local 176: Media Relations Guide
Newsworthy stories are those that deal with unusualness, proximity, prominence, significance, newness, human interest, etc. Positive stories in the community can generate invaluable support and loyalty to draw upon in times of political need.
Stories typically appear in newspapers, TV stations, radio programming or Internet sites. They must be about something the public/community will find interesting and want to hear or read about.
The following are examples of events that could lead to newsworthy stories:
            -Was an award given out/received by someone in the Tulsa Fire Department?
            -Is the Fire Department hosting a school or organization for a firehouse tour?
            -Was a female firefighter or firefighter with a particularly interesting or unusual background hired? (Think out of the norm or someone with an extraordinary history)
            -Will the Fire Department be teaching a class or providing public fire safety education?
            -Did a member of the department go out of their way to provide assistance to a member of the community?
            -Has a member of the department shown an exemplary amount of volunteer hours?
            -Has a member of the department taken on any projects (on their own) to better the community?
            - Has the department joined forces with another community member/organization to help support a cause?
            -Did someone demonstrate an act of bravery at great personal risk to his or her own life that was above and beyond the call of duty, whether they were on or off     duty?
            -Did someone risk his or her own life to prevent an event from taking place that would have caused serious injury or presented danger to someone’s life?
If any of these events have taken place or spurred a potential story idea, please notify District 4 VP Jeff Smith by calling (918) 346-5213 or e-mailing jsmith@tulsafirefighters.org.

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