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Current Bell Ringing Totals
Jan 09, 2018
Thank you to all that participated in this years Bell Ringing! We again beat our brothers in blue, Totals are: Fire-3,108.27 to the Cops-2,931.91! It was a cold day, so again, Thank You to all that chose to come out.
Ring The Bell 2014 results
Jan 02, 2015

To All members of the TFD,

Below is the email from Cathy Hill, coordinator of the Ring The Bell event we just completed for the Salvation Army.  I'm happy to announce we beat TPD for the third year in a row!  Great job by all, and I really appreciate the volunteer efforts by everyone.  Win or lose, the Salvation Army now has almost $6,000 more to help those in our community who need a little extra help. 


John Ober

"We at Salvation Army can not thank you all enough for everything you do for our community each and everyday.  We applaud and appreciate that you took of your precious time to bell ring and assist us in providing services to those same people that you protect everyday.

I am sure you are anxious to know the totals of your challenge:

TPD: $2,681.37

TFD: $3,212.39

In my book you are all winners and together you raised $5,893.77.  In Salvation Army funds that amount goes a very long way in assisting our programs.

Hoping you had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year during 2015.


Cathy Hill, MS

Volunteer and Disaster Resource Mgr."

Salvation Army Bell Ringers Needed
Dec 08, 2014
To All Tulsa Firefighters:
Salvation Army's annual "Ring the Bell" competition between the Tulsa Firefighters and Tulsa Police is scheduled to kick off once again Friday, December 19th.  Together, we have won this challenge two years straight, and we're aiming to make it three in a row.  But we can only do that with your help.  We're looking for volunteers to "Ring The Bell" in front of the doors at Woodland Hills Mall.  First volunteers to sign up will have their choice of door assignments and times.  The Salvation Army is comprised of nine local facilities, including the Center of Hope shelter, Social Services Center, and six Boys and Girls Clubs.  Please call or email for available times and door assignments you wish to cover.  Come on out and lend a hand to this extremely unique and rewarding event.
John Ober
(918) 284-2851 - Cell
(918) 599-8176 - Office
There are three doors and there are 2 hour time slots from 10AM until 8PM at Woodland Hills Mall
You can call Audra at the Local Office to signup.

Changing the Narrative
Jul 06, 2014

Download: Changing The Narrative.pdf

PR Meeting 4/10/14
Apr 15, 2014
Download: PR Committee 4-10-14.pdf

PR Committee Meeting 2/18/14
Mar 04, 2014

Download: PR Committee minutes 2-18-2014.pdf

PR Recap October 2011
Nov 07, 2011

Download: PR Report October 2011.pdf

PR Recap October 2011 page 1
Nov 07, 2011

Download: PR Recap October 2011 Page 1.pdf

PR Recap September 2011
Oct 04, 2011

Download: PR Report September 2011.pdf

PR Recap August 2011
Oct 04, 2011

Download: PR Report August 2011.pdf

PR Recap June 2011
Aug 12, 2011

Download: PR_Recap_June_2011[1].pdf

PR Recap May 2011
Aug 12, 2011

Download: PR_Recap_May_2011[1].pdf

PR Recap April 2011
Aug 12, 2011

Download: PR Report_April 2011.pdf

06-07-2011 Media Coverage
Jun 08, 2011


                May 2-Executive order press conference
                KJRH, KTUL, KOTV, KRMG, Tulsa World
                May 7-Pancake Breakfast at Station 5 that benefits Burn Camp
                KTUL, KOTV-Online
                May 10-TFD Training New Cadets
                Tulsa World
                May 17-Interview with Adrienne Stoops and Trip to Fire Station Story
                Tulsa World
                May 22/23/25-Joplin tornado and rescue efforts by Tulsa Firefighters and USAR Team
                KJRH, KTUL, OETA, KOTV, FOX, Tulsa World
                May 23/24-MDA Fill the boot coverage
                Tulsa World
                May 24-Jeff Smith live Interview for MDA
                May 27-Off-Duty Tulsa Firefighters leaving for Joplin with recovery efforts
                FOX, KJRH, KOTV, KTUL, Fire Engineering
                May 27-Tim Ingram live interview regarding Tulsa Firefighters volunteer efforts in Joplin
                June 3- Jeff Smith live interview for “High Temperatures and Heat-Related illnesses”
                June 5-Jeff Smith interview for “High Temperatures and Heat-Related  Illnesses”
                June 6- Jeff Smith interview for “High Temperatures and Heat-Related Illnesses”
                Tulsa World



PR Update 03-31-2011
Apr 06, 2011

Tulsa Firefighters PR Update

March 31, 2011

I. Completed media training with Jeff Smith.
II. Finalized and continued to work from PR plan developed last month.
III. March 9 – Garnered media coverage in Tulsa and Oklahoma City for Firefighter Day at the Capitol.
G. Tulsa World
IV. March 13 and 14 – Secured Dennis Moseby on KTUL evening news and morning show to discuss “Next weekend is daylight savings – perfect time to change batteries in smoke alarms while changing your clocks.”
V. Created Tulsa Firefighters fact sheet and key messages
VI. Went on ride-along
VII. Met with Mike Baker regarding EMS services background and future plans.
VIII. Filmed and submitted Man v. Food audition videos. Assisted in coordination with producers. Obtained post-event media coverage in the Tulsa World.
IX. Wrote press release about storm/flooding safety. Will pitch early April.
X. Gained administrative control for two of the three Tulsa Firefighter Facebook pages.
XI. Regular communication with PR committee.
XII. Earned media value to date: $271,939.10 ($ see attached report)

Media Value Report
Mar 08, 2011

Download: 030711_Firefighters_media_report[1].pdf

PR Update 03-08-11
Mar 08, 2011


Tulsa Firefighters PR Update
March 7, 2011
I.        Completed media training with Dennis Moseby and Chad Miller
II.      Reviewed working PR plan with media liaison Jeff Smith (to revisit March 16)
III.    Created “media relations guide” for distribution to members to help identify positive news and feature stories within Tulsa Fire Department.
IV. Pitched the following story to TV morning show producers: “Next weekend is daylight savings – perfect time to change batteries in smoke alarms while changing your clocks.” (Pending) Will distribute press release on March 10.
V.    March 9 - Firefighter Day at the Capitol. Determining best opportunity for media coverage in Tulsa (loading or unloading busses).  
VI. Creating Tulsa Firefighters fact sheet and key messages (due March 16)
VII. Scheduled station visit/ride along with Nicole Morgan (March 21)
VIII.          Earned media value to date: $70,313 (see attached report)

Media Relations Guide
Mar 08, 2011

This was produced by our PR Firm-

IAFF Local 176: Media Relations Guide
Newsworthy stories are those that deal with unusualness, proximity, prominence, significance, newness, human interest, etc. Positive stories in the community can generate invaluable support and loyalty to draw upon in times of political need.
Stories typically appear in newspapers, TV stations, radio programming or Internet sites. They must be about something the public/community will find interesting and want to hear or read about.
The following are examples of events that could lead to newsworthy stories:
            -Was an award given out/received by someone in the Tulsa Fire Department?
            -Is the Fire Department hosting a school or organization for a firehouse tour?
            -Was a female firefighter or firefighter with a particularly interesting or unusual background hired? (Think out of the norm or someone with an extraordinary history)
            -Will the Fire Department be teaching a class or providing public fire safety education?
            -Did a member of the department go out of their way to provide assistance to a member of the community?
            -Has a member of the department shown an exemplary amount of volunteer hours?
            -Has a member of the department taken on any projects (on their own) to better the community?
            - Has the department joined forces with another community member/organization to help support a cause?
            -Did someone demonstrate an act of bravery at great personal risk to his or her own life that was above and beyond the call of duty, whether they were on or off     duty?
            -Did someone risk his or her own life to prevent an event from taking place that would have caused serious injury or presented danger to someone’s life?
If any of these events have taken place or spurred a potential story idea, please notify District 4 VP Jeff Smith by calling (918) 346-5213 or e-mailing jsmith@tulsafirefighters.org.

Monthly Accounting Statement
Oct 29, 2010

# of Members
x $10.50
Total Received
School  Signs
School Banner

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